About Trinity CertTESOL

What is the Trinity CertTESOL?

The Trinity CertTESOL is a teacher training course for people who have little or no experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). The course gives people the skills and knowledge they need to become successful English teachers all over the world.

Who are Trinity?

Trinity is an international exam board which has been giving external exams since 1877. Today, their TESOL qualifications are internationally recognised in teaching centers across the world. Regulated by Ofqual in England, the CCEA in Northern Ireland and Qualifications Wales, Trinity is accountable to these bodies and must make sure that it has the expertise and resources to fulfill their requirements. Their TESOL qualifications are accepted as a TEFL teaching benchmark by the British Council and other international institutions. You can read more about their qualifications here: http://www.trinitycollege.com

What have Trinity got to do with TEFL Iberia?

We applied to Trinity at the beginning of 2017 to accredit our teaching centre. After a rigorous process including reviews of our course, a validation visit from Trinity to check our school and interviews with our tutors, TEFL Iberia became a CertTESOL centre in the summer; that is, we offer the teacher training course that Trinity provides. This means that Trinity has recognised the quality, rigour and professionalism of the course at TEFL Iberia. Trinity act as external moderators and do an monthly moderation of all their TESOL courses including the course at TEFL Iberia.

Why did TEFL Iberia choose to become Trinity accredited?

The Trinity course encompasses teaching children as well as adults, something we feel is important as there is a big demand in Barcelona for TEFL teachers who work with young people. Trinity is also more flexible than the Cambridge CELTA, offering course providers like ourselves more scope to adapt and interpret the course according to our standards. As we are one of the top-rated TEFL courses worldwide, we wanted to retain the aspects of the course which set us above other TEFL courses.

Why should I do a Trinity accredited-course?

A course that is Trinity accredited meets the highest of standards, meaning you know that you’ve received the best possible training for your future career as a TEFL teacher. The Trinity qualification is recognised worldwide as a mark of excellence, meaning that our graduates are even more attractive to future employers. The CertTEFL is also recognised by the British Council, who run accredited English language courses all over the world, employing TEFL teachers in a professional working environment offering fair pay and good conditions.