Back to school: the best things about autumn in Barcelona

28 Sep 2018 Maria Di Mario no responses

When summer starts drawing to an end, it’s easy to mourn the passing of the long light nights, the warm summer evenings, the beach days and the nights spent dancing at festas. But even the most dedicated summer-lovers can’t deny that autumn in Barcelona has its own charms – it might even be our favourite season of the year, and here’s why! 

  1. Going back to school. Yes, you’ve enjoyed your long and lazy summer off, but there are so many nice things about going back to work! Seeing all your students again and catching up on what they’ve been doing over summer, drawing up your new schedule of classes, making your teaching resolutions for the new academic year and the best part of going back to school – doing your stationery shop for the new term! (No? Just us?)
  2. The weather. Autumn in Barcelona brings with it the perfect temperature combination. It’s still warm enough for bare arms during the days, and you’ll be able enjoy a much quieter beach and swimming in the sea well into October, but the nights are cooler – no more cold showers and sleeping with the fan on!
  3. Getting back into a routine. Summer can seem like one long haze of lying on the beach, going to festa majors, eating paella and going away for trips, but now all your friends are back in town and it’s time to get back into your normal routine. Getting back to the gym, cycling to school, going for tapas and beers after a good day’s work, getting back into the kitchen now it’s cooler, being able to find a terrace table easily, going on weekend adventures around Catalunya – autumn is the time for living your best Barcelona life!
  4. The food, glorious food. Autumn in Barcelona brings with it so many culinary delights. Chestnuts – castanyas – are roasting on open fires, along with sweet potatos – boniatos – and they’re sold from street stalls all over the city. Just follow your nose and you’ll find one! It’s also mushroom picking season. You can forage for bolets yourself, but if you’re only interesed in eating the mushrooms, head to Bolets Petràs in La Boqueria to buy wild mushrooms from all over Catalunya. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for panallets in the city’s bakeries – these delicious marzipan and pine nut biscuits are traditionally eaten accompanied by moscatell, a sweet white wine.
  5. The party don’t stop. The majority of festa majors might be over, but there are still so many festivals that take place in the autumn. There’s the Sitges film festival for lovers of horror films, and 48HOpenHouse Barcelona, which gives you a chance to see inside buildings that are usually closed to the public. Oktoberfest, a huge beer festival, takes place right here in the city, and a little further out there’s a cava festival in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, a town just outside Barcelona, with over 50 cava producers, charcuteries, chocolate-makers and bakers offering their wares. There’s also the Festa de la Verema in Sitges, a wine festival featuring wines from the nearby Penedès region, with grape-treading and barrel-carrying competitions. The International Jazz Festival kicks off at the start of October too. With all these festivals on during autumn in Barcelona, that new diary that you bought as part of your stationery shop will be full in no time!