Thanksgiving in Barcelona

14 Nov 2018 Maria Di Mario no responses

Moving abroad is a wonderful experience in so many ways, but it has its bittersweet moments too, like missing out on festive holidays and traditions. One of the best ways to overcome that homesick feeling is to create those traditions for yourself in your new home. So don’t get stuck in the fomo trap – throw your own Thanksgiving dinner, invite your new friends over, and you’ll be too busy celebrating to pine over your friends’ Thanksgiving pics on Instagram! 

On your shopping list

Turkey isn’t big in Spain, but most butchers will be able to source a bird if you give them a couple of days notice. If you’re not that organised, there is a poulty stall in La Boqueria which sells turkeys. A turkey to feed around eight people will cost you between 30€ and 40€. Taste of America on Carrer de Balmes is also selling pre-cooked turkeys but they’re a little steeper at 85€.

You won’t find this in the shops but luckily it’s fairly straightforward to make your own! This recipe is very straightforward and delicious, and you can use botifarra instead of sausages for a Catalan twist!

Yams and brussel sprouts
You’re in luck when it comes to sweet potatoes – boniato season is well underway in Catalunya! You’ll be able to pick them up at almost any greengrocers in the city. Brussel sprouts might be a little trickier to find but any large greengrocers should have them at this time of year.

Cranberry sauce and gravy
Taste of America and Taste of Home on Carrer de Floridablance both stock cranberry sauce and Bisto to accompany your Thanksgiving feast!

Pumpkin pie
You’ll get tinned pumpkin in either Taste of America or Taste of Home, and the other ingredients for this recipe are easily found in any big supermarket. 

And if you want to leave the dishes to someone else…

If you want to celebrate without the hassle of cooking an enormous meal, you can head out for a Thanksgiving dinner! 

The American Society of Barcelona hosts an annual Thanksgiving dinner every year in the Renaissance Hotel in L’Eixample. The tickets are 57€ for members and 67€ for everyone else, but they’re offering an early bird discount until the 14th of November and their menu features all the Thanksgiving greatest hits, from honey glazed ham to pecan pie! 

Hard Rock Cafe also do an annual Thanksgiving meal of corn chowder, turkey, chestnut stuffing, mash, cranberry sauce and veg with dessert for 31€ – you can book your tickets online here.

Cocovail Beer Hall is holding a Thanksgiving dinner from 5pm on the 22nd of November. You can’t book ahead, but they’ll be selling wristbands for a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mash, stuffing, corn bread, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, with unlimited seconds for 25€, so wear your loosest trousers! 

Flaherty’s Irish Bar is offering a turkey-with-all-the-trimmings Thanksgiving dinner for just 17€, and they’ll also be showing two NFL games live, as well as hosting a beerpong tournament. You can book tickets through their website

However you end up celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at TEFL Iberia!