Four creative apps for a fun classroom

26 Feb 2018 Maria Di Mario 2 responses

Using technology in the classroom is an excellent way to engage your students in their language learning, while at the same time strengthening their digital skills. Your students will find it exciting to create videos, presentations and quizzes, and they’ll love seeing the results of their hard work!

Stopmotion for writing and storytelling

This app can be used to create fun videos with learners of all ages, from five year olds to fifty year olds! You can use it to practise spelling, and get your students to form letters into words. You could bring in some scrabble tiles or else get students to draw the individual letters themselves, like this example here. Another option is getting your students to write individual words and then form them into phrases, which is a good way of practising word order. For more advanced students, script a conversation in speech bubbles, cut it out and then film it. For stopmotion tips and tricks, check out this video tutorial for the Stopmotion app.

Dubme for speaking and listening

This app is a really fun way to encourage students to create, perform and record their own dialogue which is then set to a video – you could even use a previously-created stop motion video. It’s a good way to bring some task-based learning into your classes – even shyer students will get excited about performing the dialogue. The app has stock videos that your students can choose from if you don’t want to create one, such as this example. You can get students to work on their voiceovers in small groups and then show the videos at the end of class.

Kahoot for fun class quizzes

Turn your classroom into a game show with Kahoot. You can create your own quizzes based on what you’ve been working on in class, and then getting the students to play singly or, if they don’t all have smartphones, in teams. Check out this guide to creating your own Kahoots and get started!

Lyrics Training for listening

A great way to make music part of your classes in an educational way, your students will love Lyrics Training. It works as a live fill-the-gaps activity, where students work together to figure out the missing lyrics in their favourite songs. There are four different levels of difficulty, so even your most advanced students will find this activity challenging.

What’s your favourite app to use in the classroom?