Our New Year’s Resolutions

01 Jan 2019 Maria Di Mario no responses

It’s been a busy year at TEFL Iberia. We’ve completed our first full year as a Trinity-accredited TEFL course, making improvements and adjustments every month so that our course keeps its spot as the top-rated TEFL course in Barcelona (humblebrag alert!) and we’ve expanded our team of staff from five of us to eight – welcome Sasha, Juliana and Carolina! We’ve trained 123 new teachers from sixteen different countries, who delivered an impressive 1230 hours of English teaching to our practice students. 

But even with all that going on, we managed to find a quiet morning in the last week of term to sit down together as a team and have a chat about the things that were important to us in the last year and our resolutions for 2019. After thinking about the values that are important to each of us as individuals, we picked out the common threads to weave together into a statement of our company values and teaching resolutions for the coming year. 

  • Personal development 

Appropriately for a group of teacher trainers, we realised that personal growth is very important to us as individuals. We’re all firm believers in the value and importance of lifelong learning, so when you come to train with us, rest assured that you’re in the company of people who are focused on learning and growing themselves. The next step is company Catalan classes, so don’t be surprised if you see Juliana doing her Catalan homework in the gallery at lunchtime! 

  • Being able to help people to the best of our ability

We were all newbies in Barcelona at one point or another, and we remember all too well how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to move to a new country and start a new career! That’s why one of the things that we all valued highly was the ability to help our students with any issues they might have, and to continually improve the TEFL training we offer. After each course we sit down as a team and read through all the feedback our trainees have given us, and we’re committed to a flexible and responsive attitude when it comes to our students and their needs. 

  • A positive and supportive work environment

You can rest assured that when you sign up to our course, you’ll be coming into a school where teamwork and mutual respect are our jam. Even though we sometimes disagree on things, creating and maintaining a positive energy is something that we’re all really invested in, and we’re very proud that the welcoming environment of the school is something that our trainees pick up on right away.  

  • Proactive collaboration

We all have different strengths and specialisations, and we’re committed to a proactive and collaborative approach to our work, meaning that we’re not only training new teachers, we’re also continually learning from one another – and from you! Collaborating with one another enables us to deliver consistent training above the board, as well as being a source of new resources and inspiration. 

  • A sense of achievement with every group of new teachers

An enormous source of job satisfaction for each and every member of our team is the feeling that we’re building something. With every group of trainees that comes through our door, we’re giving people the skills, knowledge and support that they need to change their careers, succeed in their new roles as teachers and go on to pass their knowledge and expertise on to other people. 

With all that in mind, we’re pretty excited about the year to come – 2019 promises to be a year of new challenges and learning opportunities, and we’re hopeful that TEFL Iberia will end this year bigger and better than ever! What are your teaching resolutions for the new year? Share your inspiration in the comments!