Teaching moments that will warm your heart

27 Jul 2018 Maria Di Mario no responses

Teaching is all about connection, no matter what your subject, but teaching someone a language can lead to some particularly heartwarming moments – here are some of the sweetest teacher-students that we’ve heard of!

  • “I helped a student prepare for the IELTS exam – she needed to score at least 7.5 to qualify for her Masters course in London. She did well on the exam and we kept in touch after she moved. In London she met the man she’s married to today, and they’ve recently had a baby!”
  • “I used to have classes in a hospital, teaching doctors and nurses medical English. One day I hadn’t had time to print their materials before I left school, so I popped into an internet cafe to photocopy their worksheets. The man behind the desk was counting my photocopies and asked, “What are these for?” I said, “I’m an English teacher.”
    “Where do you do classes?” he asked.
    “At the hospital,” I said, “I teach the doctors and nurses medical English.”
    He looked down at the photocopies and back at me, and then he handed them to me. I took out my purse but he said, “No, it’s free. Doctors help people, and you’re helping them to help people.”
    I know I wasn’t actually teaching but it was just such a touching moment!”
  • “My student once bought me a fake gold Oscar that said Best Teacher on it. It was the tackiest thing I’d ever seen but such a sweet gesture!”
  • “My favourite teaching moment of all time was the first class back after the summer holidays with Aina, a twelve year old student of mine. I’d been teaching her for a couple of years by that point and her English was good, but she was a bit shy when it came to speaking. But that summer she’d been on holiday in Ireland with her family, and because her parents didn’t speak English, she did all the talking for the whole family! She was checking them into hotels, helping them rent cars, ordering for them in restaurants – her parents were bursting with pride and so was I!”
  • “My 70 year old student came to class one day with a bottle of factor 50 suncream for me because, she said, I was very white.”
  • “I got a message at 2am from my student the other day that said, “Thabk u for everrythibg u ‘ve been an amazigb teachet!” I hope the spelling was because she’d had a few drinks and not because of my teaching!”
  • “I teach two little kids who are four and seven. We do lots of fun activities like baking, puppet shows, songs and games. One day I went over to do class and the smallest one was whispering in his dad’s ear. The dad said, “He saw Mary Poppins for the first time and the weekend and he wants me to tell you that you’re just like Mary Poppins!” I don’t think I can imagine higher praise from a four year old!” 

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