What’s the difference between CELTA and TEFL Iberia?

06 Nov 2014 Richard no responses

We’ve put together a comparison table of facts about both courses based on first-hand experience. This table compares all aspects of the TEFL Iberia Trinity CertTESOL course and the CELTA course which is run at International House Barcelona. It is unbiased and lays bare all the facts!

How long is the course? One month, full time One month, full time
How much is the course? About 1600€ About 1600€
Is the course internationally recognised and externally moderated? Yes Yes
Who is it accredited by? Trinity College London Cambridge English Language Assessment
How many trainees will be in my group? 12 maximum 18 maximum
How many teaching practice hours do I get? At least 6 6
How many students do I teach? Groups of 4-12 Groups of 10-16
How are the trainees assessed? Teaching practice, assignments, grammar exam, professionalism Teaching practice, assignments, professionalism
Do I get practice with private classes? Yes No
Do I get the chance to practice with specialist textbooks, e.g. business English Yes No
Do I get to prepare lessons from scratch based on current affairs / my own material? Yes, we place importance on being able to prepare your own lessons from scratch, using a variety of materials No, just textbooks and workbooks
What are the components of the course? 1. Teaching Skills & Professionalism
2. Language Awareness
3. The Learner Profile
4. Materials Assignment (externally assessed by Trinity moderator)
5. Unknown Language Journal
1. Learners and teachers
2. Language analysis
3. Language skills
4. Lesson planning
5. Developing skills and professionalism
What help do I receive for finding a job? Careers talk with the leader of the BTTA (Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association), including CV advice & templates, job interview preparation, advice on where to look, access to employer database and job mailing list Careers talk with head of centre, including CV advice, job interview preparation, access to CELTA stars job forum.
Will the school help me process a student visa if required? Yes No
Will I get the chance to practice with an interactive whiteboard? Yes No
Does the school accept non-native teachers? Yes Yes
Does the school provide an accommodation service? Yes Yes

The bottom line

Both courses will give you quality training and an internationally recognised certificate. The CELTA will give you good training in big groups with a standardized course but little room for flexibility in the methodology and material you use.

TEFL Iberia will give you good training in small groups, a more personal service and more variety in the format of teaching practice you do.