Why you should move to Barcelona in 2019

11 Jan 2019 Maria Di Mario no responses

The start of a new year is the best time to make plans and resolutions for the next twelve months. We get a lot of messages asking our advice on moving to Barcelona, so this post is all about why this year is the year you should make the move to Barcelona – for anyone who needs that final bit of persuasion!

  • Because Brexit is looming

This one only really applies to the Brits, but it’s worth bearing in mind. March 29th is the date that Britain is leaving the EU, and without a Brexit deal agreed there’s a lot of uncertainty about what’s going to happen. So if you’re considering a move to Barcelona, it might be best to strike while the iron is hot! It might not seem like long to save up for an international move, but check out our guide to budgeting for your move – it might not be as pricey as you think!

  • Because of the job opportunities

The English teaching market is very healthy in Barcelona – and as the city becomes more and more international, that demand is only going to increase. Most career changes require a big investment of your time as you learn new skills, but if teaching English is something that interests you, it only takes a month to equip yourself with the skills to teach a class – though every teacher knows that you’ll continually grow and develop as a teacher over months and years, making it a hugely rewarding job.

  • Because of the lifestyle

Teaching English offers a great work-life balance, with lots of teachers keeping their Fridays free, or having mornings off. And there’s no better place to really make the most of that improved work-life balance than Barcelona! Cycling along the beach on your Friday afternoon off, or making the most of a late start by going for a coffee in a little neighbourhood cafe – small actions that add up to a greater sense of contentment, which is not a bad goal for 2019!

  • Because of the festivals

Barcelona is well known for its vibrant and exciting festival scene. There are huge international festivals which draw acts from all over the world, as well as lots of much smaller and more intimate festivals where you’ll get a real insight into Catalan culture. Festival season is from early spring to late autumn, and this year is set to be a particularly good year, with an amazing line up at Primavera Sound (Solange and Janelle Monae and Cardi B!)

  • Because it’s easier than you think

It really is. Trust us, we’ve done it! The idea of an international move can be hugely daunting – you won’t know anyone! you won’t have any friends! you won’t have anywhere to live! you won’t find a job! – but all these fears are a normal part of the experience, and overcoming them is part of what makes moving abroad such a life-enriching experience! You’ll get support every step of the way from our team and once you’re here you’ll fall in love with Barcelona, just like we did!