Teaching Young Learners extension course

There is an equal if not greater demand for teaching young learners compared to adult classes in Barcelona. As a new teacher you will come across countless offers of classes with kids and teens – make yourself more employable and give yourself an edge in job interviews with our Teaching Young Learners extension course.

The demands of a YL class compared to an adult class are very different and require a different skill set. If you have little experience in working with kids, would like to access more teaching opportunities and want to feel confident in your new position you’ll benefit enormously from our extension course.

Key features

  • Real practice teaching young learners
  • Observation of experienced teachers
  • Lesson planning guidance
  • Access to resources for teaching young learners

Who is the course for?

Anyone who will be teaching young learners and would like specialised training. To participate in the course you must have completed either:

  • the 160-hour TEFL course
  • the 40-hour TEFL course
  • any other introductory course which has teaching practice

Why should I do this course?

  • You’ll feel more confident when dealing with young learners
  • You’ll broaden your employment opportunities
  • You’ll develop the skills necessary to work with young learners

When is the course?

The course runs once a month and is open to graduates from both the 160-hour TEFL course and the 40-hour TEFL course. The course is 3 days, full time, Monday-Wednesday.

Once you have completed the month course you’ll have one week to relax, start looking for work and do some recommended reading for the Young Learners course. You’ll then start the following week.

If you do the week course you’ll start the Young Learners course the following week, immediately after you finish.

What is the course format?

The course follows a similar format to the month and week courses. The timetable is from 9am-5pm, with an input session and lesson preparation in the morning, followed by observation / teaching practice and feedback in the afternoon. It is a 3-day intensive course, Monday to Wednesday.

How do I apply?

You can apply simply by ticking the appropriate box on the course application form. Alternatively you can contact carley@tefl-iberia.com for more information.

Course content

The course content is designed to give you a thorough grounding in how to teach young learners with a large practical element.


Topics covered

Day one

The teacher and
teaching context

  • Compare the characteristics of adult and young learners
  • Different motivations young learners have for learning English at different stages in their development
  • Relating to and communicating with young learners

Day two

Lesson planning

  • Lesson planning for effective teaching of young learners
  • The selection and evaluation of appropriate materials, activities and resources for specific lessons
  • Using songs, story telling, arts and crafts
  • Using project work effectively

Day three

for young learners

  • The effective organisation of the classroom
  • Creating optimal conditions for learning
  • Classroom presence and control
  • Monitoring and evaluating of young learners’ performance and progress
  • Dealing with problematic young learners