Pre-TEFL grammar preparation course

Who is the course for?

The grammar and language awareness course is for anybody about to start their month of TEFL training and wants to get a head start on the grammar section. Having a good level of grammar and language awareness is an essential element not only on the course but also in your future teaching career. With this course you’ll be one step ahead, be more prepared for teaching grammar and have more time to really make your lessons creative and fun.

It is also open to newly qualified teachers who feel they would like additional guidance with grammar and language awareness.

Course aims

The course aims to increase your knowledge of the basics of English grammar in a fun and practical way. It will also provide you with an opportunity to get acquainted with some of your fellow TEFL course participants, course tutors, and the school, so that you’ll feel all the more at home and settle quickly into the course. You will also become familiar with tasks and activities you can later use in your future lessons.

Course structure and timetable

The course is 10 hours long and takes place on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning before the month course starts. The timetable is from 2pm-7pm on Friday and 10am-3pm on Saturday.

The course will comprise of tutor presentations, pair and group activities and discussion. All the examples are practical and from real-life teaching material. You will be encouraged to make discoveries for yourself and to be actively involved in the learning process.

Course content

The course covers:

  • Basic terminology
  • Language systems – lexis, phonology, syntax, discourse etc.
  • The Verb and its functions (auxiliary, phrasal, stative, action, transitive, modal, lexical and delexical verbs)
  • Hypothetical meaning and conditionals
  • Passive voice
  • Word classes and lexical meaning
  • Verb aspects: progressive and perfect
  • Time and tense – present, past, future.
  • Sentence structure and functions (subject, objects (direct vs indirect), adverbial, prepositional phrases, complements, noun phrases, verb phrases, etc)
  • Form and function – grammatical structures and their meaning and use

Course costs and application

Full price: 90€

If you are doing this course in combination with the month TEFL course, you simply need to check the appropriate box on the application form.

If you are already a teacher and would like to brush up on your grammar knowledge, please complete the application form below.

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