How much money will I need to move to Barcelona?

08 Jun 2017 Richard 2 responses

Budget for a TEFL course

One of the questions we’re often asked by prospective students is what their moving-to-Barcelona budget should be – how much money they’ll need to set themselves up and give themselves time to look for work. We’ve worked out three different budgets based on your circumstances and the assumption that you’ll be working within two months, so you’ll see a move abroad is achievable for almost everyone!

Two-month budget

Shoestring Comfortable Big spender
Accommodation* 1200€ 1500€ 2400€
Food and drink 400€ 720€ 1000€
Fun 320€ 560€ 1600€
Course 1400€ 1400€ 1400€
Total** 3320€ 4180€ 6400€

Shoestring budget

The best housing option when you’re on a small budget is to rent a room in an apartment. You’ll be able to find a decent room in a good area for around 400€ per month (plus one month security deposit).
Food and drink works out at 50€ a week, which is enough to cover your basic groceries and a few beers and tapas out on a weekend.
You didn’t come to Barcelona to sit in your bedroom, so we’ve factored fun into your budgets! 40€ a week is plenty of money to have a good time in a city like Barcelona. No matter what time of year it is, there’s always some sort of cool event on, whether that’s a film festival, a neighbourhood party or a fun traditional fiesta!

Comfortable budget

If you’re moving with a few grand, you’ll be able to relax a bit more than on a really tight budget. You’ll be able to afford a really lovely room in a swanky flat, or you’ll be able to rent out your own small studio flat and live alone.
With 90€ a week you’ll be able to start exploring Barcelona’s restaurant scene. There are lots of great restaurants where a dinner will set you back between 20€ and 30€, and you’ll have plenty left over for grocery shopping.
We can’t emphasize enough how easy it is to have a good time in Barcelona for free, but 70€ a week should see you into barhopping and a bit of clubbing. There are lots of local clubs where the entrance is the price of a drink, and events like Brunch Electronik where the early release tickets are only 11€.

Big spender budget

Most of our students come to Barcelona with far less in savings, but if you really want to push the boat out then this is more than enough money for an easy start to Barcelona life.
You’ll be able to rent a room for a month to get a feel for different areas of the city, give yourself time to find something you like and then get yourself set up in a one or two bedroom apartment, meaning you can start looking for flatmates. With a big budget you won’t need to worry about bringing packed lunches to work, and you’ll be able to treat yourself to really fancy restaurants.
You’ll also be able to buy tickets for big name DJs, festival tickets, nice cocktails in swish bars, parasols and sunbeds on the beach – you’ll be living the high life! Don’t get too used to it though – the teachers we know love their jobs, but it’s rare to make megabucks as an English teacher. Still, if you have the savings you might as well start your Barcelona life off with a bang!

*The accommodation price is for three months – two months rent and an additional month for the security deposit.

**You’ll also have to add the cost of your flight to this number.

And if you still want to reduce costs…

The lowest workable budget for the entire experience is in the region of 2000€. There are a few things you can do to reduce start-up costs in Barcelona:

Find a flat with a lower security deposit or no deposit

Using popular Barcelona Facebook pages or the TEFL Iberia accommodation service.

Find a job immediately after the course

This is entirely realistic, in fact most graduates start to work within a week or two of completing the course. The budget in the table assumes you don’t earn any money for two months.

DIY fun

Cook all your own food and limit weekend fun to supermarket beers enjoyed on the beach!