If the thought of moving to another city and negotiating with foreign landlords sounds stressful, don’t worry! We can provide you with comfortable, excellent-value accommodation within easy reach of the school. Our accommodation placement service is optional.

TEFL course accommodation

How much will it cost per month?

Accommodation is included in our 4 main TEFL course packages: TEFL, TEFL & Kids, TEFL & Student Visa and TEFL & Spanish. If you book it separately it will cost 550-600€ per month.

Where are the flats?

Various locations around Barcelona, but all very central and within 30min walking distance / public transport of the school.

Who will I be sharing with?

We normally house you with other students, ex-students or English teachers already living here. Great for first-hand advice on living and working in Barcelona. You can also request to be housed with a local, so you can practice your Spanish!

What is the accommodation like?

You’ll be in a shared apartment, living with 2-3 other people, with all the facilities you’d expect from a modern flat. You’ll have space to study, bedding, privacy, wifi, use of all the kitchen and a shared bathroom.

When can I move in?

We normally organise for you to move in on the Saturday or Sunday before your course start date and move out on the Sunday after you finish. It is also possible to extend before and after the course dates, just let us know in the ‘additional information’ box.

Can I stay with a friend / partner? Can I bring children?

Yes, it is possible to make special arrangements for two or more people, please email us separately at with details.

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“They organised accommodation for me at very short notice and I was very comfortable during my time in Barcelona”

Jana Träber

“My friend and I did the course together and we were able to share the same apartment, which was great”

Mandy Kou

“Our host was lovely, she really made an effort to make us feel welcome and help us find our feet in Barcelona”

     Olivia Brickman

“My flat was in a nice neighbourhood and I walked to the school every morning”

Craig Palmer

For more information about using our accommodation service or living in Barcelona, please don’t hesitate to contact us.