Developing Teacher Course

The Developing Teacher course is a post-TEFL course aimed at those who already have some TEFL training / work experience and want to deepen their subject knowledge and brush up on their skills. The course also satisfies the criteria for a long-term student visa and is a cost-effective way of legalising your stay in Spain and enabling you to work (for non-EU teachers).

Key information

  • 20 hours per week of study, satisfying student visa requirements
  • Course duration: 6-12 months
  • Cost: 120€/month, or 1200€ for 12 months if paid in full before course
  • Start date: ongoing
  • Maximum number of students per group: 10

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at any new teacher who has completed their initial training. There is a certain amount of assumed knowledge, most students who take part in the course have already completed either:

  • The TEFL Iberia 160-hour TEFL course
  • CELTA / Trinity TESOL course
  • Any 120+ hours online / practical TEFL course

Apply for the Developing Teacher course

Course format

The course is 6-12 months long and requires 20 hours per week of study. This is split between input sessions at the school, languages awareness tasks, maintaining a personal portfolio and regular assignments. The aim of the course is to develop you into a reflective, critically aware and professional teacher, while providing a supportive atmosphere for new teachers to share classroom experiences and develop. You will study a range of methodologies, new techniques and approaches to teaching, challenging you to try new ideas in the classroom and reflecting upon them.

For a complete description of the course content and assessment guidelines please see the Developing Teacher Course Syllabus (PDF, opens in a new window).

How does it work?

If you plan on taking the course along with the 1-month intensive course, please complete our main application form here and check the appropriate box for the Developing Teacher course.

If you already have initial training and would like to join the Developing Teacher course, please complete the application form below and we’ll contact you soon afterwards for a short interview.

Student Visas

Signing up for the Developing Teacher course (for 7 months of more) means you are eligible to apply for a long-term student visa, enabling you to work legally and travel freely. Please read our visa page and if you have any questions regarding the student visa process you are welcome to contact our course coordinator at

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this course satisfies the criteria for a long-term student visa.
Yes, the input sessions are at 9am in the morning, meaning you have all day and evening for working, which is when most English classes take place. The course is designed so you can conveniently manage your own time and the workload.
No, this is a post-TEFL training course and assumes a certain amount of knowledge. You would need at least 120 hours of TEFL training (online or face-to-face) in order to be able to take part in the course.
Yes, you can either study the Developing Teacher course for 12 months or combine 6 months of this course and 6 months of Spanish course to qualify for a 12-month student visa.


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