Meet the team

Richard Davie
Director of Studies
Qualifications: MChem, University of Edinburgh, TEFL

Richard is from Scotland and studied Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. After completing a TEFL course and gaining several years of teaching experience abroad, he set up TEFL Iberia to create a uniquely modern teacher training course in Barcelona.

He is responsible for the day to day running of the school, organising the courses and practice classes, as well as carrying out the morning input sessions. Most of his experience is from teaching business English but he also has considerable experience teaching adults and children in private academies. He favours a communicative approach in his lessons and believes in creating a fun, engaging learning atmosphere.

Richard’s publications:

Ian Henderson
Course Director

Ian is from Surrey in the south of England. He has been teaching since 2012 and involved in Teacher Training since 2015. He combines his role at TEFL Iberia with Director of Studies of the English department of our sister school, Languages4Life, where he teaches business English.

A typical day involves input sessions in the morning, and observations in the afternoon. His favourite thing about his role as DoS for TEFL Iberia is helping and seeing the trainees grow as teachers during the course.

Ian’s hobbies include playing football, cooking, travelling and music. He plays football in Barcelona for Black Sheep in the BIFL Saturday league, as centre back or full back. Injuries have prevented any professional sides picking him up yet, but at just 32 years old there is still plenty of time!

Carley Spence
Course Coordinator
Carley is from Scotland and has a background in management, training and staff development in a variety of sectors.

In June 2013 she moved to Barcelona and completed the TEFL course at TEFL Iberia. She discovered a new passion and has been working as an English teacher ever since, specialising in business English and exam preparation.

She joined the TEFL Iberia team in June 2014, and is responsible for course admissions, organising accommodation, professional development and giving continual support to help our trainees become great English teachers.

Maria Di Mario
Blogger / Social Media Manager

Maria is from Scotland where she studied English literature and Italian at the University of Glasgow. She moved to Barcelona in June 2013 and worked as an English teacher for her first year here, specialising in teaching advanced students. She still has a couple of private students but primarily works as a copywriter and blogger. She is responsible for running TEFL Iberia’s social media and writing blog posts about TEFL teaching and life in Barcelona.

Tom Donohue
Web Developer
Tom designed our website and is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. He lives and works in London and controls things from afar; he updates the site, organises the database and takes care of all things technical.